Support Opportunities

Has God called you to support education where Christ is acknowledged as King in every class
and every activity?



In the next year or two, East Palmyra Christian School will need to add lockers for our growing student body, upgrade lighting, replace carpeting in three classrooms, add a bathroom to the PK room, purchase a new lawn mower, and repave the crumbling driveway, among other infrastructure improvements.



The school needs to purchase new science textbooks for the early grades, new textbooks covering botany, earth science, physics, and general science for older grades, and history textbooks for middle school.

Kingdom Community Development


East Palmyra Christian School has the opportunity to nurture a community of like-minded parents and educators focused on raising children with an “every square inch” view of the sovereignty of God. We can kickstart this Kuyperian community development by hosting conferences and training events.