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To offer a Christian education that integrates faith and learning through a Biblical worldview. We strive to equip our students to develop their gifts, to become discerning disciples, and joyfully serve God in their individual callings in their community and world.

Vision Statement: We are a Christian community that believes that God is the Lord of all creation and that God is revealed through both creation and God’s infallible written Word. We acknowledge that we are God’s unique image bearers.

As a Christian community, we seek to educate the whole child, fostering spiritual, emotional, physical, aesthetic, and intellectual development, and we seek to help each other discover our unique God-given gifts. We wish to nurture our students, and encourage each other, so that we together may be led to discover, celebrate and proclaim, both individually and communally, the restorative power of God’s work in all areas of life.

As a Christian community, we aim to provide a challenging and affirming learning environment which frees students to explore and examine all human endeavor within God’s creation from a Christian perspective, thereby developing their abilities to discern and respond to society.

As a Christian community, we encourage responsible citizenship by promoting and modeling social justice and stewardship through a variety of service opportunities in our campus life. We strive to provide knowledge, insight, and skills to equip our students to live lives of faithful and joyous service to God and neighbor.

Download the History of EPCS (pdf)

Download the Educational Creed (pdf)



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